E&W Hendred – Defeat

On a high from beating the Presidents XI last week, we prepared to play E&W Hendred on a warm, dry but slightly cloudy day. Having won the toss, we elected to bat first , hoping to post a suitably high score that would keep us busy for the rest of the day. PoD and ’Bows opened the batting and looked good for a couple of overs with the score ticking over at five an over until ’Bows cut one away to point and was caught for 4. I came in to replace him…Read more

Cold Ash – Victory

After our thumping last week at Crowmarsh Steve decided to go for a new option with the batting this week, bat first...and my gosh did it work! We managed to rack up an impressive 256 before taking enough wickets to keep them short of the total with out actually bowling them out. Although rain had been forecast for Sunday it turned out to be a very nice afternoon for cricket, warm enough with plenty of sun but occasional cloud cover. As Steve elected to bat first he decided he should lead by example…Read more

Crowmarsh – Defeat

Last Sunday was the game that many of us chose to avoid, mainly as it was Crowmarsh away, and the usual associated aggro! Unfortunately 11 of us had to play, and we bravely stepped out to field in thirty degree heat to give them 35 of our best! We bowled admirably but again our batting let us down as we failed to threaten their total. However, returning captain Steve was feeling optimistic early on and chose to put the home team into bat and Barry and Moobs opened the bowling and after the…Read more

Blewbury – Defeat

Despite the recent downpours and widespread flooding Wantage and Grove managed to find a suitable pitch for their fixture against Blewbury. It was supposed to be a home fixture but with the Wantage pitch more fit for a re enactment of the Armada it was rearranged to be played at Blewbury. The sun shone for the entire afternoon, and allowed the full game to be played, and although W+G fielded and bowled well a truly world class batting collapse meant they were unable to tot up enough runs to win what should have…Read more

Harwell International – Victory

With both teams keen for a victory, Wantage and Harwell began a good natured and smashing game of cricket. Harwell, which consisted mostly of Wantage Saturday players, fielded first with Chief Wiggum andRead more

Crowmarsh (Derek Shorter Cup) – Victory

What a beautiful day. With the sun shining down, at last, on a marvellously prepared pitch, I turned up early at the club to find the roller parked in the middle of the wicket with John PilcherRead more

Cold Ash – Defeat

After some difficulties trying to get a team together for the match against Cold Ash, I ended up with some regulars and four new players in the squad. The first dilemma was that none of the regulars are wicket keepers, so the gloves went to AndrewRead more

Minster Lovell – Defeat

All excited about playing our first game of the season, the team congregated in the Wantage pavilion with dreams of scoring centuries, taking unbelievable diving catches and taking six wickets in one innings. Our opposition turned up and probably had similar dreams to us. What unfolded was a story of hilarity, skill, luck, hope, stupidity, hope again, and ultimately, despair. Firstly, I lost the toss. This was probably a good thing as I wanted to bat but was told by the Minster Lovell captain that weRead more