Witney Swifts (H) – OCA Div 3

The first home league game of the season, a time of great excitement, the weather looked fair, the ground looked excellent and we had 11 players fit and ready. Time for the hard work to start. Before I talk about the game, I want to mention the ground and the hard work that has been put in to get it looking so good this early in the season. The square is looking as good as ever and the same can be said about the outfield. Thanks to Nordic for cutting and rolling the…continue reading →

Cairns Fudge (A) – OCA Div 3

The weather looked to be the main talking point of the day for our match against our old rivals Cairns Fudge, and so it proved throughout. We trundled up to Stanton St John more in hope than expectation, to discover the Fudge boys preparing a new wicket as the one provided for Saturday's game looked distinctly sub-par. The roller was out, and the white paint was plastered onto the Sunday wicket as we got an alternative pitch ready for whatever game we could manage. There was some talk about reducing the game to…continue reading →

Radley (A) – OCA Div 3

With the surprise news over the winter that we had been promoted to division 3, our first league game of the new season took us to Radley College to face, you guessed it, Radley. After a quick diversion to the second team pitch we found our way to the pitch we were meant to be on, not a problem we’ve faced often, but when a club has 6 pitches to choose from like Radley do I suppose it can come up. Our new skipper, IC, got off to the perfect start by winning…continue reading →

Award Winners 2012

Thanks all for the other evening, I hope everyone had a good time and that we're all raring to go for another year. As you've all no doubt heard we were unceremoniously promoted to OCA Division 3 for next year so there's lots to be excited about. But in the spirit of 2012, below are the award winners for the season:   Wednesday Batting Award - Barry Martin Bowling Award - Grant Summersbee Pig's Ear - A shared award with lots of people with 1 nomination. Chief kept the award for himself! Champagne…continue reading →

Wootton & Boars Hill (H) – OCA Div 4

The last match of the season was upon us and we had a new look team as many of our usual XI found other things to keep them busy on a Saturday. This meant first Saturday appearances of the season for Mikey Konschell and Ben Rendell as we struggled to ten players. Despite this we had one of our longer warm ups of the season, and learned that Colin, in his final appearance as skipper, had lost the toss (why change the habit of a lifetime?!) and we were asked to field.  …continue reading →

Charlbury (H) OCA Div 4

We turned up to the home of Wantage cricket in good spirits, and good weather and an excellent looking pitch greeted us. People entertained themselves in various ways; there was a game of tennis ball cricket going on by the pavilion, where PicNic wore a tennis ball directly on the head to the amusement of all. In a similar incident later, Will threw a ball at Chaz who was hit on the ankle to the great amusement of the team. It didn't seem to affect his ability to leap like a salmon to…continue reading →

Wootton & Boars Hill (A) – OCA Div 4

One look at the met office website and not a single person in our team was confident about playing a full match today. So it was a good day for Colin and Chief to head off for their civil partnership and make themselves unavailable for selection. We were, however, able to field a full XI, thanks to a Saturday debut for Ian Clark. We found ourselves to the ground, pleased to see they had some covers, made of corrugated iron; these at least may have given us a chance to finish the game…continue reading →

Chesterton (H) OCA Div 4

Excellent weather and a decimated team were the talk of the day as Chesterton came to town for our fifth game against them in two years. We had struggled to ten players, although Nordic kindly agreed to field for an hour despite being a busy man in the midst of organising a party. It was a crying shame that as a club we couldn't get eleven men out for our biggest match of the season; something which looks likely for the rest of the season as well. Colin won the toss, however (“it's…continue reading →